How to Enable Google Data Studio Access outside US

The reason for this short article/tip is one particular announcement from Google 9 days ago – Making Google Data Studio Free for Everyone

For those who don’t know what Data Studio is – it’s a great data visualization tool from Google (still in beta at the time of writing this post), which gives you the opportunity to do great reports with drag and drop interface, without the need of any coding, graphic design or programming skill. So far it was open just for some countries, and (if you were from some of the lucky countries) limited to 5 reports. The 5 reports limit, combined with the fact, that the full Data Studio potential will be open to the premium 360 users (think for 100K/year, which is way too much for most of the small and medium businesses) was a bummer so far. However everything is different now!

Google just announced they are opening Data Studio for free.

The old 5 reports limit is removed now – you can create as much reports as you like. This move will be loved by a lot of businesses that couldn’t afford expensive data visualization services. There is still one problem tho – if you are not living in some of the countries where the Data Studio is available – you still can’t use it. When you try to make a new report you probably will see this pop-up:
Google Data Studio

How to unlock Google Data Studio for your country?

The easiest and faster way to get access to Data Studio is to download the Epic Browser. It’s kinda commercial alternative of the Tor Browser – a Chromium based browser with built-in tracking protection and US proxy. Just sign in with your Google account through Epic Browser , go to Data Studio and click on “New Report”. Voila – you have full access to the tool, now with unlimited reports.

Don’t forget to click on the proxy button in the browser (the most-left button right to the address bar), so you are connected to the proxy servers of Epic Browser. Enjoy your Data Studio Access!


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