Landing Page Trigger for Google Tag Manager

I was asked more often than you can imagine the following question: “How to create GTM trigger, that fires only in the Landing page, without firing on the next pages”. There are tons of cases when you may need a tag to fire just on the first visited page, and there is simple solution to that, although it seems it’s not as obvious as you may think.

This is the reason I decided to write this short “dwarf” GTM article, which will be the first of many upcoming Custom GTM Trigger tips.

Landing Page GTM Trigger

All you need is to use the built-in Variable {{Referrer}}(enable it from the Variables menu if you miss it as an option in the dropdown menu) and create a standard Pageview trigger, excluding your own hostname (change the value of the Referrer as your own hostname):
GTM Landing Page Trigger

In a similar fashion you can create the opposite trigger. If you need something to fires on every page without the landing page (basically – creating trigger for Non Bouncers) – just replace the “does not contain” condition with “contain”.

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  1. Could you expand on this and explain how to use this to store the referring URL in a cookie using Tag Manager so that it can be recalled on a form at a later stage please?

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