Track Browsing Paths with GTM and GA – The Quick & Dirty Solution

The User Flow in Google Analytics is a great visualization tool for checking the most used browsing paths in your website. However it has it’s flaws – it’s sometimes hard to read and the export options are not good for data analyzes in 3rd party tools (actually the export is available just in PDF).

So… how to start collecting this data in a way that it’s easy to read and …

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Send GA Client ID as custom dimension with GTM

There are many reasons why you would want the GA client ID collected.  Let’s just say getting the value of the GA cookie gives you a lot of options for extra reports and extra info. In the future I’ll use the GA client ID for some fancy stuff, so you’ll see some practical uses of collecting it.

For the moment let’s keep to the point!

First – let’s start with …

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