GTM Trigger for X days after the first user visit

What if you need a trigger that checks if X days passed since the first visit of your returning visitor? It’s very specific trigger, but it could be used in a lot of situations (triggering surveys or polls for returning visitors, triggering discount codes, using it in custom remarketing lists, etc…).

On first sight it seems impossible to create such a trigger (Yes, GA has this information, but there is …

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Landing Page Trigger for Google Tag Manager

I was asked more often than you can imagine the following question: “How to create GTM trigger, that fires only in the Landing page, without firing on the next pages”. There are tons of cases when you may need a tag to fire just on the first visited page, and there is simple solution to that, although it seems it’s not as obvious as you may think.

This is the …

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Separate Your Debug Traffic with A Lookup Table

When you start using GTM for the first time you may not need this, but with time you’ll start implementing more and more events, do more testing and debugging, and this will seriously disrupt your data. While this is easily fixed if you just filter your traffic in GA – it’s always better to have a backup plan. Another reason to use a separate property for your testing is to …

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The little hero of GTM – The Constant Variable

The Constant Variable is the most underrated variable in GTM. It’s there for you, but most probably you don’t use it. And you should!

If you want to start using Google Tag Manager your first action should be creating Constant variable (Yes, even before the GA pageview tag). Why? Bear with me and you’ll understand!

There is one thing you need to include in every single GA Event tag – …

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